Choosing the right strength liquid nicotine

How to choose the perfect nicotine e liquid nicotine strength

We often get customers asking “what’s the best strength e liquid to start with? “.

The choice of E liquid strength whether it be with flavoured e liquid or simply unflavoured nicotine liquid is critical for both satisfying the cravings and making the successful switch to nicotine replacement options, whether that be in pod vaporisers, AIO tank systems or sum ohm vapes.

Choosing an e-liquid that’s too strong can potentially leave you coughing or too weak and you wont satisfy those cravings. The majority of E-liquid on the market comes in nicotine strengths from 0mg right up to 50mg for nic salt options (more on them another time!). This allows users to find a liquid nicotine strength to suit their personal preference and hardware chosen.

As a new or first time vaper there are two main criteria to take into account when choosing a nicotine strength. These are your current nicotine habits (whether that be from patches or smoking or other nicotine therapy options) and the second is the type of hardware that you have chosen.

We have split our options into three categories. This will give you a rough starting point to begin your vaping journey. Remember the best nicotine e liquid strength is the one that keeps you away from regular cigarettes! There will be some experimentation and you may need to switch to a higher or lower nicotine strength. You always have the option of mixing two strengths of e juice to fine tune this when you start out or if you find your juice of choice is slightly to weak or strong. (this is why we sell our unflavoured nicotine concentrate.)

Social smokers and high ohm hardware / Direct to lung vapes – 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Moderate smokers (half a pack a day) 6mg in a Mouth-to-lung vape such as our Aspire Starter kit. Or also in higher power devices such as the adjustable wattage Vapresso vapes and Smok options that we have available

Heavier smokers (pack a day plus) in lower power Mouth to lung devices 12,18mg nicotine options. We would not recommend using 12,18mg in higher power devices.

These three categories are a guide for standard nicotine e liquid. Salt e liquid and pods (e juices you might see at strengths of 20-50mg ) work differently and we will cover this at a later date. Stay tuned for the release of Vapeboss Salts along with a premium pod hardware range later this year.