The Smoothest Nic Salts NZ Has to Offer

There’s good news for all you lads and lassies who wanted us to offer Vapeboss e-liquids as nic salts; we’ve selected the flavours that you love the most, and you can buy them in NZ right now!

Vapeboss Nicotine Salts NZ: Current Lineup

  • Sneans: A real refreshing raspberry lemonade style of operator. If Jerry Seinfeld vaped this would be his  juice of choice.

  • Cops Baby Batter: The vanilla custard to end all vanilla custards!

  • Grape Boss: That purple stuff with an ice cool menthol exhale

  • Mint Berry Extravaganza: Fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries combined with an ultra-subtle hint of menthol for a cool exhale

  • D'Mango Unchained: Our take on a frozen mango nectar sorbet, sweet and refreshing!

  • Extramint Gum: A sweet spearmint candy vape, cool 24/7

For those who aren’t familiar with nicotine salt, it’s a new form of e-liquid that delivers a high amount of nicotine without the harsh throat-hit quality that regular high strength e-juice is known for.


40mg Salt nic feels quite similar to regular 18mg e-juice in terms of throat hit and delivers a lot more nicotine to your system.

Regular e-liquids feel harsher and harsher as you increase the nic strength. If you’ve ever accidentally vaped a higher nic strength than you’re used to, you know what we’re talking about.

Who Should Vape Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is the future of vaping, but it isn't for everyone, especially chain vapers. The last thing you want is unintentionally niccing out on 50mg nicotine salt.

Pack-A-Day Smokers

Quitting smoking is a big deal. Heavy smokers who use vaping to kick the habit often relapse if they use a lower nic strength than what they actually need. If you’re used to smoking over 20 cigarettes a day, the popular 3mg or 6mg standard isn’t going to cut it.

The biggest challenge is that new vapers often find regular e-liquids over 6mg extremely harsh. This unpleasant sensation is enough to cause a relapse.

Nicotine salt can solve this problem by making higher nic strengths easily palatable, making it easier to quit smoking.

Low-Profile Vapers

Vaping is still a new thing in comparison to smoking and many people haven’t warmed up to the idea yet. Ripping fat clouds at a party unfortunately calls for unwanted attention and many vapers don’t want that.

The easy solution is to use low-wattage pod-system devices like the Uwell Caliburn or the Uwell Koko starter kit but this also means less nicotine. Easy fix — use nic salts.

Anyone Who Wants to Vape Less

Vaping is fun, but doing it in excess causes a lot of dehydration which gets really annoying; there’s only so much water you can drink.

Switch to a low-wattage device and use nicotine salt; you’ll find yourself reaching out for your vape far less while still getting your nicotine fix.

Nic Salts Vs Freebase E-Liquid [Simplified]

Unlike traditional freebase nicotine used in regular vape juice, salt nicotine is a lot more stable and is naturally formed in tobacco leaves.

Freebase nicotine is actually more potent than salt nic but there’s one key ingredient that turns the table and gives salt nic the advantages that it’s known for.

The secret ingredient is Benzoic acid and it does 3 important things:

  • Makes the nicotine vaporize at a much lower temperature
  • Lowers the pH level of nicotine and provides a smooth throat hit
  • Makes it easy for your body to absorb the nicotine

Advantages of Nic Salts

  • Quick and smooth nicotine hit
  • Better flavour
  • Low vapour production / discreet vaping
  • Longer shelf life
  • Lower e-liquid consumption
  • Pods can be used more effectively

Bring home the best Nicotine salts in NZ; we've got all the products and accessories for your vaping needs,